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Naughty Gnome

Ribald Garden Gnome and Gnomette music box purchased for $2.50 at a thrift shop in Wood Dale, IL. I *think* the tune is "Wouldn't You Give a Hand to a Friend" dated 1979 on the bottom made in japan.

Ribald Garden Gnome and Gnomette Music Box

Random picture post

I have created this community and I have done nothing with it . .. so here are some things I have recently aquired, and not so recently aquired, I get lazy about taking pictures of my stuff.

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brass teapot, from Goodwill $8
I have brass demitasse set that was my mother's she bought it in Greece, and this seemed to go very well with it

and the bowl, is my key catching bowl, after having a few pottery ones break . . . do not remember where that one came from
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First Post

hi, welcome to the first post here in thriftathome I created this community because I love to thrift my household items, and decorations. I love the community thriftwhore and it inspired me to start this community. I love to buy clothes at thrift stores too, but I am a fat kid, so I dont get the really great retro and vintage stuff I see there.

I have a few passions when it comes to thrifting, one is pottery. I hate to see anything handmade given up like that, so I have to buy it and take it home, for example, this mug:
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my name, is not Marilyn, but this really is a great mug, so I decided to take her home, and use it quite frequently. Trust me there is more to share when it comes to the pottery

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Thrift finds for the home!!

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