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Random picture post

I have created this community and I have done nothing with it . .. so here are some things I have recently aquired, and not so recently aquired, I get lazy about taking pictures of my stuff.

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brass teapot, from Goodwill $8
I have brass demitasse set that was my mother's she bought it in Greece, and this seemed to go very well with it

and the bowl, is my key catching bowl, after having a few pottery ones break . . . do not remember where that one came from

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I dont think pictures do this bowl justice, it is pierced, and there is a peacock in the middle, I love it, and have no clue where I found it

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I love trunks, this is only one of 5 I have, I got it for $10 at a garage sale,

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promotional cedar chest/jewlery box, I got it at a garage sale, full of jewlery . . nothing exciting, but I think she charged me $3 for everything. A local furnature store gave these away as gifts to the senior class at my h/s I never went to pick mine up, I am glad I found this one.

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a beautiful glass frame with the Goddess Lakshmi the Hindu Goddess of good fortune, she cost $3 at a garage sale

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I have a serious pottery problem, various mugs, all hand made pottery, from thrift stores, estate sales, and garage sales

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a funky glass candle holder it is had colored glass shards in it, bewteen the outside glass and inside glass cup, it is pretty when lit and glowing. I got included in a $1 bag of stuff at a church rummage sale

I have more to share, just no pics yet


Thrift finds for the home!!

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