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Thrift finds for the home!!
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This is a community for those of us hopelessly addicted to thrifting. All thrifters are welcome, but lets keep posts about stuff you buy for your home/room/apartment, including books, movies, just about anything execpt clothing.

you can promote a community, but not a sales community, or your ebay auctions.

all posts should have a photo, or several, big photo posts behind an lj cut please, and thank you

thrift store reviews are encouraged, please include name of store and location, street address if possible, so we can all thrift while on vacation. Yes you can ask about thrift stores in an area.

this is my first community, and well I am new to the mod thing too . .so be patient, rules may be added, and deleted

but most of all be friendly, no flaming will be tolerated

Contact me at ceshkaravenstar@livejournal.com if you have any other questions.

anyone who wants to make graphics or a sweet layout or something for the user info page, that would be welcome, becaue I am much better at shopping than graphics.